Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

      I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. Even though I am single this year, I still like to get into the spirit. I like to buy little gifts for family members and of course that means my kittens too.
      I started the day off with a lovely hot bath using one of the beautiful products from the Lush Valentine's range.

      Then I slipped into one of my red dresses, black glittery leggings and my trusty boots. I finished the outfit with various pieces of heart themed jewellery (including my red chunky perspex heart bangle).

     Then it was present time.

          My Mum made these gorgeous Love Hearts just like the sweets but full of catnip instead. To make it even better they are personalised.  The are pictured with the Limited Edition Love Hearts tin given to me by my Gran.

        My kittens also got these matching Princess bowls by Mason Cash. Also this sweet lollipop card from Moonpig.

               My Mum gave me three wonderful gifts for Valentine's Day.

          This lovely heart shaped box is topped with a pretty handmade bow. It contains my favourite gift of the day which was lovingly and painstakingly made by my very talented Mum.

    My Mum knows better than anyone that I have a great love of French things. So she knew that this enamel plaque would be right up my street. And the thing that really makes it  brilliant is that the black splat in the middle can be used as a blackboard. I am going to use it for my French word of the day.

     And last but not least is this fantastic lips chocolate mould. I love making my own chocolates and I can't wait to use this mould.

                                      I also gave my Mum three gifts.

    First is these red leather driving gloves. My Mum loves polka dots. And I like the fact they have hearts and they fit in with the theme of the day.

       This reproduction Spangles sign was purchased from Ebay. I'm too young to remember them but my Mum remembers them fondly.

        My Mum loves vintage and she really likes tins (she has lots of ribbon and buttons that she can fill them with). So when I saw this vintage Smarties van tin on Ebay, it seemed a good buy. The wheels move which is a nice touch.

          This picture shows the things my Gran bought for Ruby & Violet. They love Dreamies. I think they would eat their own weight in Dreamies if you let them. The advert where the cat jumps through the wall isn't much of an exaggeration! They really enjoy watching their wind up walking heart and love to swipe at it.

     After a lovely day, I sat down to one of my favourite meals (a burrito). To finish the day off I watched a good film and made a dent in a very tasty box of these...

          Maybe next year I will find myself a dashing Frenchman. Oh well... a girl can dream can't she?

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