Friday, 24 February 2012

Quirky Easter Chocolate

         It is a well known fact that I am a chocoholic. I love making my own chocolates but not quite as much as eating the stuff!
     I was in Marks and Spencer the other day looking at their Easter offerings and I have to say I was very impressed.  They have much more than the bog standard Easter eggs. I loved some of it so much, I decided to splurdge.

        It is no surprise that I was drawn to this Hello Kitty London chocolate figure. feline and chocolate, what more could you want? M&S are really going down the British route this year. Hello Kitty is sporting her Union Jack coloured Hundreds and Thousands dress. (I had this last year and the dress was a mixture of pinks purples and yellows.) I like the British touch but I wish they had coloured the bow red to match in with the dress. (Me, picky? Maybe a little).

      I love ducks and I would like to have some of my own one day. So when I saw these they were a must. Their Royal Ducknesses are so cute (almost too cute to eat). They would be perfect for any Diamond Jubilee celebrations, something different for the centre of your table.

       Last but not least is this Great British Breakfast egg. I think this is one of the quirkiest Easter eggs I have ever seen. Who would have thought you could buy an anthropomorphic Easter egg? I think my favourite part is the "baked beans" for hair.

     I spent more than I normally would on chocolate in one go but I really think it's worth it. It is great to see M&S making such an effort with their products when it seems so many other shops have just gave up and no longer try to bring new and exciting things. Even in these hard times, I think people will still spend some money if the products are good enough.
        My only problem now is trying to keep these until Easter...

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