Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff!

                Just when I thought I was winning my battle against stuff, more pops up! I was hoping to have finished clearing out by the end of this year but that's not going to happen. Yet more stuff went off to auction last week and more ebay items posted this week.
          I have made a big dent in the amount of stuff I have but I am getting so fed up with it now. But at least there are two furry things who love it when all this is going on...

                    Violet loves to watch the action from the top of the door.

     Hmm...   This looks interesting.

         But I am really motivated to finish clearing out. We are aiming to be settled in England by August 2014 and I can't wait. I am hoping to have only eight boxes of stuff belonging to me on the removal van... we'll see how that goes!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Christmas Gifts For Your Furry Friends

                Here's a selection of gifts that your pet will be sure to love this Christmas.

Gingerbread Rope Toy £7.00 From Pets At Home

Reindeer Hoodie Dog Costume £9.00  from Pets At Home

Christmas Pudding Dog Treat £2.50 from Pets At Home

Snowman Hoodie Dog Costume £9.00 from Pets At Home

Christmas Tarts for Dogs £2.50 from Pets At Home

The Cod Father Cat Toy Gift Set £6.00 from Pets At Home

Catnip Santa for Cats £2.50 from Pets At Home

Candy Cane Cat Teaser £2.50 from Pets At Home

The Rat Pack Cat Toy Gift Set £6.00 from Pets At Home

Christmas Dinner Nibblers for Small Animals £2.00 from Pets At Home

Christmas Pudding Bed for Small Animals £5.99 available from ebay.

Christmas Loofah Chews for Small Animals from Pets At Home

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Where Has My Voice Gone?

Believe it or not I am still going through stuff and clearing out. While going through some bits the other day, I found my Leng Medal which I won back in 2003. (Scottish singing competition)  My Mum is an excellent artist and I have always wanted to be able to draw, but  I can't draw to save myself!
  I ended up being able to sing instead. I was able to sing in front of people no problem until on the final night of a Pantomime I was in. I got stage fright so badly that I had to go off stage without performing.
   This left me unable to sing in front of anybody for quite a long time. Not very handy when you are taking music at school and have a solo singing exam! My prelim was a disaster my nerves were so bad and that was only in front of two of my music teachers. I was a wreck on the day of the real exam but thankfully I managed to pass with the top grade (thank-you Rescue Remedy!)
    After winning the Leng Medal and passing my exam I started to get some confidence back. But after leaving school I stopped singing again.
I haven't sung in about six years and when I found my Medal, I was in the house alone so I decided to give it ago and sing again.
   And oh my goodness, my voice really isn't what it used to be. But my cats seemed to like it (on second thoughts maybe that's not such a good thing!)  Although I haven't used it in years I didn't think your singing voice could deteriorate. And I actually found it quite painful which I was surprised at.
    I would like to get it back to what it used to be. Does anyone have any tips or is it too far gone?

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Amazing Anthropomorphic Malteser

               As I've mentioned before I collect all sorts of items related to Maltesers sweets. I even have a pair of Maltesers pants!
     The latest piece that I've added to my collection is a custom piece from Etsy shop Spun On Cotton. Because I love anthropomorphic food so much I thought it was only right to have an anthropomorphic Malteser in my collection.
       I have always wanted to be able to draw (still do) but I cannot draw to save myself! So I don't normally send doodles when requesting custom items. But this time I did.

Very dodgy Malteser doodle!

       Sara managed to turn this doodle into such an amazing piece. She is so much better than I imagined, I love her!

She is called Super Shopper Sally Whopper (Maltesers are called Whoppers in America). Her little paper shopping bags are so cute. And she was ready so quickly too. She will be making the journey to my house along with a very sweet anthro pear.

         If you are looking for a quirky gift this Christmas, I highly recommend this shop. The service is great and the pieces are fantastic. Click here to visit Spun On Cotton.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Gifts To Keep You Warm This Christmas

         I love anything hot. I think these extra hot goodies from would make great gifts.

Evil Hot Gummi Bears £4.99

Instant Regret Chilli Chocolate Bar £6.99

Who Dares Burns Hot Sauce £6.99

3 Alarm Chilli Jellies £6.99

Instant Regret Chilli Vodka £29.99

Saturday, 10 November 2012


         Most people have them, don't they?  For my Mum it's rats, my cousin, spiders. As for me I've been terrified of snakes for years (ever since my first encounter with one at a Wildlife Centre.)

       These are all quite common phobias. But I think my second, much more recent phobia is more unusual. It lurks at my local pond, has done for years. We spent a long time not knowing if it was real (I thought it was a bird scarer!) It never moved, then one day it did. And the man standing next to us who seemed to know what he was talking about told us it was a mechanical bird.
         But I have since discovered it is a real live heron. I have since seen it in the water and flying over the pond. I am so scared of this bird that I can no longer go to my local pond to feed the ducks. I don't know what it is about this bird it just creeps me out so much!

      I would like to know if this phobia has a name. I don't have a phobia of birds, I like most birds. It's just these awful birds I have a problem with. If anyone knows the name for this phobia let me know.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas From Urban Outfitters

      If you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone who has everything, then take a look at what Urban Outfitters has to offer.

Festive Flat Cat £8.00

Christmas Teabag Pack £8.00

Noel Santa moustache Rug £12.00

Santa Slalom Fold And Play Christmas Card £3.50

Magic Tree To Santa £6.00

Monday, 5 November 2012

Quirky Cotton Creatures

         I have still been very busy clearing stuff out (I swear it's multiplying!).  At least I can say I haven't been shopping at all on the high street, in fact I don't even miss it. But I have still been buying goodies from my favourite place, Etsy.
         I have just made my first purchase this morning from a shop that I have loved for a while. It is no secret that I have a serious love of anthropomorphic food and this shop has had many brilliant pieces. But the one I fell for is Miss Kandi Apple. I love candy apples anyway (I think that comes from my Halloween obsession) and the fact that this one was anthropomorphic was the icing on the cake!

She even has a "peanut" skirt. 

But it didn't stop there. I bought two other pieces that I've had my eye on for a while. Halloween was over too quickly for me, it always is. And even though it's only seven weeks until Christmas, my head is still in Halloween Land.

It is very easy for me to fall for a black cat but I don't have anything like this in my collection. So I had to have little Simon.

Lastly I bought this Lovely black widow spider. I'm not very keen on real spiders but I seem to be quite fond of them when it comes to Halloween. And I have a good few spidery bits in my collection.

I was also tempted by this sweet fried egg and may just have to buy him too at some point.

Please note all pictures belong to Spun On Cotton. You can find her Etsy shop here.

         If you haven't visited this Etsy shop already I highly recommend you do. You are sure to find something you love. Or a quirky Christmas gift for the person that has everything. 
          I can't wait for my parcel to arrive!