Saturday, 31 March 2012

There's No Place Like Schuh

    I have been doing extremely well saving money. I have also sold four of my Lulu Guinness handbags and  they have pulled in a decent amount of money.
    So on Tuesday I decided to treat myself to something that I have loved for quite a while. A stunning pair of Red or Dead Shirley glitter shoes.
    I was torn between the black and the red but in the end, I went for red. My very own pair of ruby red slippers, I am drawn to anything that reminds my of my lovely little cats. I will think of Ruby every time  I wear them.
    I was lucky I got the last pair in my size. They are so beautiful, I can't tell you how much I love them. Although I haven't been brave enough to wear them yet.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Mother's Day Delights

    I hope all of the Mums had a great Mother's Day last week. I know my Mum did and she loved her presents and cards. I thought I would share some of the things I bought for her.

This pretty apple print cardigan was bought from ASOS

YSL Colouring Book bought from Amazon

Disney Couture Mad Hatter Ring bought from Zentosa.

Spiced Pumpkin Cider Sugar Scrub bought from Future Primitive Soap Co.
(This really does smell good enough to eat!)

Talking Tables Truly Scrumptious Cake Stand bought from Urban Outfitters

Blue Heart Print Flannel Pyjamas and Polka Bow Skinny Belt both bought from Accessorize.

       I was also very lucky. To my surprise, I received a gift. I am not a Mum (yet). But as my Mum put it Ruby & Violet "commissioned"  her to make a gift for me. They even gave me a card, signed with their own paw prints (cats can be clever at times, can't they).
     When I unwrapped the pretty tissue paper I actually squealed with delight (I don't normally squeal). What I had in front of me was just so beautiful and perfect, I am so in love with it!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day

         Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mums out there. I hope you have a fantastic day.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Week Of Treats For Me

     On Wednesday evening I was browsing on Etsy (which I do quite often). I was looking through one of my favourite shops Miss Bumbles. I noticed she had a very sweet needle felted donkey for sale.   I really like all of the other donkeys Miss Bumbles has made but I have always missed out on them.
     My Mum knew how much I wanted one of these donkeys and how much I loved this one. So being the very kind person that she is, my Mum bought her for me.

         This is the little donkey I was lucky enough to get (picture from Miss Bumbles Etsy Shop). I used this picture because I think the metal bucket she is sitting on is very cute. My Mum bought her for me on Wednesday night and she arrived on Friday (you always get fast and friendly service from this shop).
     This little donkey's name is Starfish. I also have six other pieces from this shop, four black cats, one tortoiseshell cat, a hare and a donkey. I think this one might be my favourite.
       On Saturday  my Mum went into town for a spot of shopping.  And she came back with another treat for me, a Daisy Duck top. I love this top, Daisy's leopard print bow has lots of little black sparkly crystals on it.

       I have been doing very well on my mission saving money. But I am also very lucky to have a Mum who is very good to me.

My Local Lush Has A Makeover

      I had meant to write a post about this a while ago (the opening was on 23rd Feb!) but never got round to it.
    I love Lush, what they stand for, but most of all their beautiful products! So it was only natural that I had to go and see what the new store was like. I didn't really know what they could do to make it that different.
    I dragged my Mum down with me and when we went into the shop it looked fantastic. It just looks so much classier. All of the wooden interior has gone in favour of a more modern and sleek grey colour scheme. They have the same amount of stock on the shop floor but it seems as if there is less so it looks much tidier.
   Upon entering the shop there were lots of goodies on offer, Champange, luxury fruit sticks and one member of staff had even made macarons and chocolate truffles. I opted for a chocolate truffle, while my Mum chose a macaron (glittery I might add). And I have to say I think the truffles were the best I've ever tasted, I am told the macarons were great too.
    To keep the macaron theme going I purchased two bubbleroon bars. I chose Green Bubbleroon which reminds me of a fresh meadow and Yuzu and Cocoa which smells of chocolate and grapefruit. Of course I had to limit myself as I am trying to save money.
     What's more with every purchase you got your choice of tote bag (I liked pineapple best) and badge (I chose red).
      The launch of the new store was great it was very classy and posh, I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I wasn't brave enough to take photos inside the shop.
     I also came home with a Fred and Ginger calendar (which mum treated me to) it was half price, so well worth it for 12 pictures. My Mum and I both have a soft spot for gingerbread men and the Fred and Ginger range is just so funny.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Shopping, Cake And Macarons

        I have been doing very well cutting down on my spending. As much as I love shopping, it is great to see the old bank balance rising rather sharply.
       But two weeks ago on Saturday we decided to take a little trip to St Andrews. Mainly to see what Easter goodies the shop had to offer.
    Although the Easter stuff was not great (we didn't buy any), I did manage to find a few other things...

       I bought two items from the Gorjuss range (I seem to buy something from the Gorjuss range every time I'm there). First the Ruby purse because it has a cat on it and it shares the name with one of my kittens. And then the Poppy Wood clutch which is also pretty.
     From the same shop I bought a black cat pen holder (for my collection) and two cards. One featuring a cat dressed as an Easter bunny, the other with a duckling wearing a tutu on it.
       Then we went to a charity shop that just sells books, some modern and a lot of vintage. Both my Mum and I really like vintage books and this time we weren't disappointed.
     My Mum bought a few vintage Agatha Christie books, what's great about them is they have the lovely vintage illustrations on the covers. She had most of them years ago but got rid of them and regretted it.
       I came away with a very nice selection all of which my Mum was kind enough to buy for me. I got three Timbucktoo books by Roger Hargreaves. I grew up with the Mr Men and Little Miss books but I'd never heard of these.
    The three I picked were Sniff (rabbit), Baa (sheep) and Roar lion.
    I also got two vintage Beatrix Potter books. I used to have quite a big collection of Beatrix Potter stuff. But even when I had my collection none of the books were nearly as old as these. An added bonus is that they both have their dust jackets.

        Of course the trip would not have been complete without a visit to Bibi's Bakery. I picked one of the specials for that day which was pecan and white chocolate (which was delicious!), My Mum picked Victoria sponge (so my kittens could enjoy it too). And they did, especially Ruby, who has a big weakness for cake and icing. Of course we only let them have a little bit. But Ruby enjoyed carrying the cake case around in her mouth, then tearing it to shreds later on!

         I also had a big craving for a macaron. I opted for lemon while Mum chose strawberry. These macarons were quite expensive at £1.50 a pop. But I have to say they were very close to what a proper macaron should taste like (they were so good).