Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My Local Lush Has A Makeover

      I had meant to write a post about this a while ago (the opening was on 23rd Feb!) but never got round to it.
    I love Lush, what they stand for, but most of all their beautiful products! So it was only natural that I had to go and see what the new store was like. I didn't really know what they could do to make it that different.
    I dragged my Mum down with me and when we went into the shop it looked fantastic. It just looks so much classier. All of the wooden interior has gone in favour of a more modern and sleek grey colour scheme. They have the same amount of stock on the shop floor but it seems as if there is less so it looks much tidier.
   Upon entering the shop there were lots of goodies on offer, Champange, luxury fruit sticks and one member of staff had even made macarons and chocolate truffles. I opted for a chocolate truffle, while my Mum chose a macaron (glittery I might add). And I have to say I think the truffles were the best I've ever tasted, I am told the macarons were great too.
    To keep the macaron theme going I purchased two bubbleroon bars. I chose Green Bubbleroon which reminds me of a fresh meadow and Yuzu and Cocoa which smells of chocolate and grapefruit. Of course I had to limit myself as I am trying to save money.
     What's more with every purchase you got your choice of tote bag (I liked pineapple best) and badge (I chose red).
      The launch of the new store was great it was very classy and posh, I really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I wasn't brave enough to take photos inside the shop.
     I also came home with a Fred and Ginger calendar (which mum treated me to) it was half price, so well worth it for 12 pictures. My Mum and I both have a soft spot for gingerbread men and the Fred and Ginger range is just so funny.

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