Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A Week Of Treats For Me

     On Wednesday evening I was browsing on Etsy (which I do quite often). I was looking through one of my favourite shops Miss Bumbles. I noticed she had a very sweet needle felted donkey for sale.   I really like all of the other donkeys Miss Bumbles has made but I have always missed out on them.
     My Mum knew how much I wanted one of these donkeys and how much I loved this one. So being the very kind person that she is, my Mum bought her for me.

         This is the little donkey I was lucky enough to get (picture from Miss Bumbles Etsy Shop). I used this picture because I think the metal bucket she is sitting on is very cute. My Mum bought her for me on Wednesday night and she arrived on Friday (you always get fast and friendly service from this shop).
     This little donkey's name is Starfish. I also have six other pieces from this shop, four black cats, one tortoiseshell cat, a hare and a donkey. I think this one might be my favourite.
       On Saturday  my Mum went into town for a spot of shopping.  And she came back with another treat for me, a Daisy Duck top. I love this top, Daisy's leopard print bow has lots of little black sparkly crystals on it.

       I have been doing very well on my mission saving money. But I am also very lucky to have a Mum who is very good to me.

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