Thursday, 8 March 2012

Shopping, Cake And Macarons

        I have been doing very well cutting down on my spending. As much as I love shopping, it is great to see the old bank balance rising rather sharply.
       But two weeks ago on Saturday we decided to take a little trip to St Andrews. Mainly to see what Easter goodies the shop had to offer.
    Although the Easter stuff was not great (we didn't buy any), I did manage to find a few other things...

       I bought two items from the Gorjuss range (I seem to buy something from the Gorjuss range every time I'm there). First the Ruby purse because it has a cat on it and it shares the name with one of my kittens. And then the Poppy Wood clutch which is also pretty.
     From the same shop I bought a black cat pen holder (for my collection) and two cards. One featuring a cat dressed as an Easter bunny, the other with a duckling wearing a tutu on it.
       Then we went to a charity shop that just sells books, some modern and a lot of vintage. Both my Mum and I really like vintage books and this time we weren't disappointed.
     My Mum bought a few vintage Agatha Christie books, what's great about them is they have the lovely vintage illustrations on the covers. She had most of them years ago but got rid of them and regretted it.
       I came away with a very nice selection all of which my Mum was kind enough to buy for me. I got three Timbucktoo books by Roger Hargreaves. I grew up with the Mr Men and Little Miss books but I'd never heard of these.
    The three I picked were Sniff (rabbit), Baa (sheep) and Roar lion.
    I also got two vintage Beatrix Potter books. I used to have quite a big collection of Beatrix Potter stuff. But even when I had my collection none of the books were nearly as old as these. An added bonus is that they both have their dust jackets.

        Of course the trip would not have been complete without a visit to Bibi's Bakery. I picked one of the specials for that day which was pecan and white chocolate (which was delicious!), My Mum picked Victoria sponge (so my kittens could enjoy it too). And they did, especially Ruby, who has a big weakness for cake and icing. Of course we only let them have a little bit. But Ruby enjoyed carrying the cake case around in her mouth, then tearing it to shreds later on!

         I also had a big craving for a macaron. I opted for lemon while Mum chose strawberry. These macarons were quite expensive at £1.50 a pop. But I have to say they were very close to what a proper macaron should taste like (they were so good).

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