Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Amazing Anthropomorphic Malteser

               As I've mentioned before I collect all sorts of items related to Maltesers sweets. I even have a pair of Maltesers pants!
     The latest piece that I've added to my collection is a custom piece from Etsy shop Spun On Cotton. Because I love anthropomorphic food so much I thought it was only right to have an anthropomorphic Malteser in my collection.
       I have always wanted to be able to draw (still do) but I cannot draw to save myself! So I don't normally send doodles when requesting custom items. But this time I did.

Very dodgy Malteser doodle!

       Sara managed to turn this doodle into such an amazing piece. She is so much better than I imagined, I love her!

She is called Super Shopper Sally Whopper (Maltesers are called Whoppers in America). Her little paper shopping bags are so cute. And she was ready so quickly too. She will be making the journey to my house along with a very sweet anthro pear.

         If you are looking for a quirky gift this Christmas, I highly recommend this shop. The service is great and the pieces are fantastic. Click here to visit Spun On Cotton.

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