Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Where Has My Voice Gone?

Believe it or not I am still going through stuff and clearing out. While going through some bits the other day, I found my Leng Medal which I won back in 2003. (Scottish singing competition)  My Mum is an excellent artist and I have always wanted to be able to draw, but  I can't draw to save myself!
  I ended up being able to sing instead. I was able to sing in front of people no problem until on the final night of a Pantomime I was in. I got stage fright so badly that I had to go off stage without performing.
   This left me unable to sing in front of anybody for quite a long time. Not very handy when you are taking music at school and have a solo singing exam! My prelim was a disaster my nerves were so bad and that was only in front of two of my music teachers. I was a wreck on the day of the real exam but thankfully I managed to pass with the top grade (thank-you Rescue Remedy!)
    After winning the Leng Medal and passing my exam I started to get some confidence back. But after leaving school I stopped singing again.
I haven't sung in about six years and when I found my Medal, I was in the house alone so I decided to give it ago and sing again.
   And oh my goodness, my voice really isn't what it used to be. But my cats seemed to like it (on second thoughts maybe that's not such a good thing!)  Although I haven't used it in years I didn't think your singing voice could deteriorate. And I actually found it quite painful which I was surprised at.
    I would like to get it back to what it used to be. Does anyone have any tips or is it too far gone?

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