Monday, 21 May 2012

Back In Training For The Shopping Olympics

       I haven't blogged in a while because I have been quite busy. Busy going through what seems to be endless piles of my own stuff! But I am getting through it bit by bit. Bags of stuff have gone to the charity shop, boxes of various bits and pieces have been put into auction and a decent amount of items listed and sold on ebay.
      I had been doing great hardly shopping at all and getting money back in from the things I no longer wanted. But I wasn't on my best behaviour for long...
    Etsy was my downfall. I make no secret of the fact that Etsy is one of my favourite places to shop. And I had a big spending spree in one of my favourite shops, MissBumbles.
    I mentioned in my last post that I already had other items in mind for a custom order. This order consisted of three black cats.

      First is this little seaside kitty. She is based on Ruby. Ruby loves to play in the bath with a bit of water in it, so I thought it would be sweet if she donned a swimming costume.

       Next is this dashing little Frenchman. (Anyone who reads this blog knows I love almost all things French. So this one should come as no surprise!) I have named him Oliver after my first black cat but I suppose in this case, it should really be Olivier. He is just so sweet in person!

And last but certainly not least is this gorgeous Little Red Riding Kitty. Little Red Riding Hood is one of my favourite fairy tales and this little cat is just so cute. She even has a treat for Granny in her basket.

      My haul didn't end there...

While browsing one day I spotted this sweet little red vixen. She reminds me of the foxes I see from my bedroom window. Of course I had to have her too (she was too pretty to resist!)

         And my last purchase was this exquisite spring garland. I particularly like the little girl lamb. I have had my eye on this for a while. And since I have done so well selling my old things I took the plunge and bought it. I am so glad I did the detail is amazing.

    All pictures belong to Miss Bumbles you can find her Etsy shop here. I have used them simply because they are better than any of my photography.

     I have had a pretty miserable week, feeling ill for most of it. So when my parcel with all of these goodies in it arrived on Saturday and I unwrapped all of the pretty patterned tissue paper, it cheered me up no end.
    It is pretty safe to say that I am addicted to Miss Bumbles' wonderful creations. And I know I will be buying many more in the future.

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