Friday, 29 June 2012

More Needle Felted Goodies

            My mission to clear stuff out is still going well. I haven't been going shopping but Etsy continues to be my weakness. I have made a number of purchases from my favourite Etsy shop Miss Bumbles.

           A couple of weeks after receiving my custom order. I bought another little seaside donkey. This one is called Brandy (I don't know what it is about these donkeys, I just love them!).

        My next order consisted of a little ships cat with ships rat and a lovely little seaside bunny with an ice lolly.  It doesn't stop there...

       Next I bought the Big Bad Wolf, I thought he would make a good companion for Little Red Kitty Hood. I felt I needed a Halloween fix and I couldn't resist this little zombie mouse.

                  Then I bought this beautiful little house mouse.

                      Lastly, I had to have this gorgeous little pair. I really liked the fact that the baby bunny, Roger, is fondly known as Petit Pois. They are just so sweet!

       Please note all pictures belong to Miss Bumbles you can find her Etsy shop here. (I haven't taken pictures of everything yet but I will soon).

        It is safe to say I am well and truly addicted to Miss Bumbles' creations. In my next post I have another custom order to share with you.

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