Friday, 29 June 2012

Black Cats Galore... But I Still Want More!

        Today I received a very exciting parcel from my favourite Etsy shop, Miss Bumbles.  Included in this parcel were some of the purchases mentioned in my previous post. And also a very special custom order.

     The first thing I asked for in this custom order was a Marie Antoinette black cat. She turned out beautifully, I love her pink powdered wig and she even has her very own pet rat.

      The next thing I asked for was a little black cat clown. He is just so cute, I love his little red nose and his cheery smile.

        Next is this gorgeous baking kitty. She comes with freshly made mouse tarts and a fishy sponge cake. She managed to resist eating them on the journey to my house!

          Last but certainly not least is this stunning French themed garland. It combines my two favourite things, black cats and France. The detail in this garland is just amazing, I love everything about it!
All pictures belong to Miss Bumbles you can find her Etsy shop here.

        I will be posting pictures of the whole collection soon, I have finally found the perfect place for them all. I'm sure I will be adding to the collection soon. I just can't get enough of these pieces from one of the best artists on Etsy!

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