Thursday, 8 September 2011

Shopping, Halloween and Dolls.

On Tuesday my Mum and I went on another shopping trip. We started at Matalan. They had a small amount of Halloween bits in. I made a few small purchases. I bought a ceramic black cat T lite holder £1, a black cat hair band £3 and a cardboard cake stand £2.
       Then we went to a local garden centre, we didn't buy much there. It has been a while since we have been in the shop next to the garden centre but we decided to go and get some cheese (I am a cheese addict, the hotter the better). I didn't get any cheese but they did have a stand of lovely baking goodies, which is new since we were last there. There were lots of different and unusual things to choose from but I narrowed it down to two. I bought black crystal sprinkles and purple crystal sprinkles. I haven't been baking much lately but I can't wait to use these!
          After that little purchase we had a look around the rest of the shop. I was drawn to a glass cabinet which contained some pretty cloth dolls. There was one I particularly liked...
    My Mum loves Alice In Wonderland and she has got me into it too. So it is no surprise I love this doll. My lovely Mum very kindly bought her for me! She was made by Lesley Cameron from Lesley Jane Dolls. I have discovered her Etsy shop (I am also an Etsy addict) which has lots of other cute dolls.

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