Monday, 21 November 2011

The Black Apple Original Artwork

Since joining Etsy, I have admired the work of Emily Martin from The Black Apple. I had yet to buy some prints, when I was reading the Black Apple blog. There was a post on the blog about the October Update that was going to be happening on the 27th October.
      Amongst the original artwork that was listed were four paintings of little kittens wearing ribbons. And of course there was a black one. The black one looked alot like Ruby, she had the same mouth. She was also wearing a ruby red ribbon. I decided I was going to try my best to get this little cat.
      The day of the update came and I was waiting by my laptop for the new artwork to be listed. I refreshed the page, the new artwork popped up, I put the little black kitten in my basket.  I was almost finished the payment process when a message came up say the item was unavailable, somebody had got there just before me!   I was so disappointed, I loved that little black kitten. I went back to the shop and there were two kittens left, my second choice, a ginger kitten wearing a mint bow was still there. So I didn't hesitate and I bought him.
     I have been eagerly anticipating the postman, waiting for him to deliver this lovely little parcel. I had been staying in for the postman for a few days but no luck. We went out on Satuarday and you guessed it we didn't stay in and wait for the postman and my parcel came. So now I had to wait until Monday to pick it up  from the Post Office.

As you can see he was well worth the wait (the pictures still don't do him justice). Included in my parcel were two gorgeous kitten badges and a lovely card. Although I didn't get my first choice I am so glad that I purchased this original piece of artwork. And I know I will be shopping with The Black Apple again in the future.  

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