Wednesday, 11 January 2012

New Year New Shoes

      It has been a bit quiet on the blog front for me lately. I have been busy having a good old winter clean and going through a few of my old bits and pieces.
      This time last Wednesday I went into town to collect shoes I had ordered online from Schuh (I had them sent to the shop because every time I get shoes through the post from them, the boxes get absolutely wrecked).
    While I was in the shop, I bumped into an old classmate (I have to confess I didn't recognise her at first, she's changed quite a bit in seven years.) I didn't know her that well but after talking to her I realise she is a lot nicer than some of the people I was friends with at school. After saying our goodbyes I went to the till to collect my shoes.
        As the man (who was really quite handsome) opened the postal bag and pulled out the box I saw that it had made it to the shop unscathed. After checking and signing for the shoes I brought them home.
       You may be able to guess the theme of my new shoes (that's right, black cats) In fact they are a gorgeous pair of Irregular Choice Cheese on Toast wedges. To make it even better I got them in the sale with 30% off! I almost bought them a while back but now I am very glad I waited. I would recommend them to any black cat lover, they are so much prettier in the flesh. Mine still have the protective wrapping on the whiskers, so I have used the picture from the Schuh website.

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