Thursday, 20 October 2011

Halloween Lush Style

The day after my birthday (Sunday), we went on another shopping trip. Locally this time. I have been looking forward to the new Halloween products arriving at Lush. Although I hoped for a bigger range, I still wasn't disappointed. I purchased everything except the soap from the halloween range.

                                            Skullduggery has a citrus scent with lime and neroli.

                                Calacus also goes down the citrus route with a lime jelly bean scent.

This pumpkin knot wrap is so sweet. I purchased mine with a fizzbanger ballistic inside. Fizzbanger changes colour once in the water and smells like apple crumble. I think this is one of my new favourites from Lush!

Whilst shopping we popped into Marks & Spencer. And I added to my haul a cardboard cake stand with spinning bats at the top. I also bought a black glittery cardboard candelabra (which I really love). I am thinking I may need a small shed to accommodate my Halloween things if I carry on like this...

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