Friday, 16 December 2011

Another Late Night Shopping Trip

We went into town again last night for late night shopping. Just to get a few little bits for Christmas and it was much busier than I expected.
    My first stop was Lush. I am running very low on Lush products and I wanted to make sure I have something nice for my Christmas bath (I must say not my only bath of the year!). So far I hadn't purchased any products from the Christmas range. It seems to me one minute it was October and now it's December, so I am not quite as organised as I usually am.
       These four items came home with me...

Abombinaball is a new bath ballistic for this Christmas which has a mix of peppermint, vanilla and orange.

Also a new introduction for this year is The Melting Snowman bath melt which has a deep marzipan fragrance.

Cinders, which I have used many times before, has a spicy and fruity scent.

I fell for this cute and quirky Santa knot wrap. Which they had used as bunting in the shop which was a great idea.

My next stop was Past Times. I bought a cute little catnip tree for my lovely little kittens. I also bought a very girlie catnip mouse, especially for Violet. I bought it to cheer her up after her surgery next week (I will go into detail about that later).

     Next stop was Waterstone's. Having had a bee in my bonnet about brushing up on my French grammar and verbs for a while, I decided to see what they had to offer. A very helpful man pointed me in the right direction of the French books and showed me some of the options. This is the one I settled on...

     Next the sweet shop. I got some of my favourite Rhubarb & Custard sweets. I also purchased some Beeches Violet Creams. I wanted something to enjoy while poring over my new book (they are also nice because they remind me of my little Violet).

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