Saturday, 31 December 2011

Black Apple Print Fest

      I was lucky enough to receive a Black Apple white rabbit locket from my Mum for Christmas. It arrived just in time on Christmas Eve. Funnily  enough my Mum ordered it after I placed an order for some prints. And the locket got here before the prints.
     Anyway the prints got here yesterday and they really are stunning. I bought five prints:
Portrait With Cat Ears, Lillian and Licorice, Kitten Bandit, The Cheshire Cat and Humpty Dumpty. I also bought a Kitten Pals badge pack. My Mum bought two prints: The White Rabbit and The Button Collector. My Mum loves to sew and also has a big thing for buttons so this print was perfect for her.
        This was my first order of prints from The Black Apple and I have to say the quality is excellent. And I have to say I find it difficult to pick my favourite. I was fortunate enough to buy these during the holiday sale but they are definitely worth the full price. If you have been thinking of buying from this shop, I would thoroughly recommend doing so.

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