Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Haul 2012

       Despite my good intentions I have still been neglecting my poor blog (I have just been so busy lately). Even though it's a bit late I thought I would share my Halloween purchases of 2012.
     Apologies for the not so great photography I did it on a very dull day and in a bit of a rush.

I love these glass bottles bought from TK Maxx for £5.99 each.

Two of my favourite purchases this year both from Marks & Spencer. Spider cake stand and witches hat hoopla.

The rest of my Halloween purchases were bought from Hobbycraft:

Glitter skeleton cupcake wrappers and Frankenstein wrappers, complete with bolts!

Skeleton chocolate mould and Cupcake gravestone kit, comes with edible ink pen to write your own messages.

These coffin treat boxes are very pretty (If you can describe coffins as pretty!)

Felt ghost treat bag and felt garlands, includes witches, cats and bats.

Lastly, this is something my Mum surprised me with. She knows I have been wanting to try something a bit more gorey for a while now. And I have seen great results achieved with this kit online. I am dressing up as a devil this year but I may have to squeeze in a costume change so I can use this kit.

   I'm pleased to say I have actually cut down quite a bit on my Halloween buying. (I've had to because I'm still on a mission to clear out!) Normally I go round all the supermarkets as soon as they've put their stuff out. But this year I've only been to one supermarket to look and I didn't even buy anything.

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