Thursday, 24 January 2013

Old Habits Die Hard

           Old habits die hard. As much as I am very busy clearing out most of my possessions, there is still one thing I find impossible to resist...
    The wonderful creations from my favourite Etsy shop, Miss Bumbles. I first discovered this shop in 2010 and bought my first piece, a custom made black cat. Up until March last year I had six pieces. But since then I have continued to add to the collection and I now have 86 pieces (technically more as my three garlands have multiple pieces on them!)
     My latest delivery from Miss B arrived at the weekend. And was a treat for the eyes, a box full of beautiful pastel colours.

Three Easter beauties, the pastel colours are just gorgeous. And I loved the idea of having an Easter Guinea Pig instead of an Easter Bunny!

Possibly one of the cutest bunnies ever, I just fell in love with him. Who can resist a bunny in boots?

And last but certainly not least is this very handsome Guinea called Beau. He's a very dapper chap complete with top hat and gloves.

I've been so busy with ebay that I haven't had time to snap these beauties yet, I haven't even had time to add them to the cabinet. All pictures belong to Miss Bumbles, click here to visit her Etsy shop.

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