Tuesday, 25 December 2012

12 Days Of Etsy: Giraffes Kiss

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am a Mum and a step mum. I work full time and the miniature food jewellery is more of a hobby, but I put a lot of time and effort into my shop, whenever I have a spare moment really, mainly because I absolutely love doing it.

2. How did you choose your shop name? 

I wanted a name that included a giraffe reference, and giraffes kisses sound lovely.

3. What is your favourite item to make? 

I like making the pie jewellery, because I make it up like a real pie, but in miniature. It's like baking for really tiny people, and when I get compliments on how realistic it is, that makes it all worthwhile.

4. What is the best seller in your shop? 

Recently, my cookie drawing pins have sold very well, and lemon meringue pie earrings seem popular too. I don't always remake a sold item straight away because my brain is so full of new ideas that I get frustrated if I can't get to work on them. 

5. Your work sells all over the world, in which parts of the world is your work most popular? 

I sell mainly to the UK and the USA but I have had orders go all over the place...I think it is really exciting to know that something you created is being worn hundreds of miles away.

6. What inspires you? 

Food of course! I try to keep my shop fresh by looking for new ideas all the time, and I love creating something no one else makes. I often have a good look online before I make something new to see if it is already being done...and if it isn't ...I'm off and running.

7. How long have you been crafting? 

I've always been arty and I did a BTech in art and design when I was 17.
So I've always made things and I played around with polymer clay several times over the years then put it down again for various reasons. I've only been making miniature food for a couple of years after I saw some earrings on line and figured that I could make them rather than buy them.

8. What are your other hobbies? 

I don't have time for any other hobbies. If I could have a couple of extra hours a week, I have played with needle felting and a friend of mine who started with me at the same time now has a successful shop on Etsy too, selling gorgeous needle felted miniature animals.

9. Do you collect anything? 

Giraffes! All variants from cuddly toys to toothbrushes. Our house looks a bit like a wildlife reserve.

10. What is your favourite Christmas tradition? 

Definitely the family Christmas dinner!

11. Do you have a favourite Christmas song or carol? 

No, I love all the Christmas songs, old and new...it wouldn't be Christmas without them. There are memories in every song, of my Dad, my childhood, Christmas parties.....and as soon as the music starts, you really feel Christmassy.

12. What is the funniest Christmas present you have ever been given? 

A giraffe shaped toilet brush. I've never used it..its too cute, so it is an ornament to be admired... lol. Oh and I have a quacking duck hand puppet that I saw in a shop a couple of years ago and was playing around with, so my lovely other half went back and bought it for me.

Many thanks to Giraffes Kiss for taking part in this feature. Click here to visit her Etsy shop.

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