Monday, 17 December 2012

School Days

          There is not much at all that I'm going to miss about Scotland when we leave. But one thing that does make me nostalgic is my old school. I live very near it and pass it on a regular basis. My Mum and her brothers went there, I went there and I always thought that when I had kids they would go there too.
         I have a lot of funny memories from school. Like the time I was walking out of my BT classroom, tripped on the blackboard and fell flat on my face in front of the whole class. And when we were in Home Economics the boy I really fancied gave me some of the sausage rolls he'd made then I gave him some of mine. I thought that was great at the time!
      But this is without doubt the funniest thing that ever happened to me. The fire alarm went off unexpectedly while my class was in Science which was at the top of the building. Everyone got out of the class before me. One of the Science teachers came in and before I knew what was happening, he'd lifted me off of my stool and put me over his shoulder!
      He was very tall and as he was running along the corridor I kept thinking I was going to hit the roof. I was gripping on so tightly and eventually we made it through the corridors and down two flights of stairs.
       We got to the exit and he refused to put me down. He burst through the door with me still dangling over his shoulder. The whole playground erupted into laughter as they saw us coming out. My friends said that the reason it was so funny was because all they saw was a pair of legs coming out and then they realised it was me!
        I remember feeling quite embarrassed that so many people saw but at least everyone got a good laugh that day. And I don't suppose many people can say they've had a fireman's lift from one of the best looking teachers in the school!
     Hopefully I can pop into the school for one last visit before I leave. 

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