Sunday, 16 December 2012

Etsy Art I Love

         As I've mentioned before I've always wanted to be able to draw but just can't. I had a lovely art teacher at school. We had a lot in common. He loved cats and we both wanted to be a vet (although neither of us became one!)
       I remember an art test in which we had to draw a pot of pencils, sounds simple enough. Not for me. The pot turned out just about okay but every single pencil I drew turned out bent! And that was with quite a lot of effort on my part.
         My art teacher knew I couldn't draw and he was nice enough not to laugh. Needless to say I dropped art as soon as I was allowed to!
       I still love looking at art. And I love browsing and buying from Etsy. Here are some of my current favourites that I would love to have around the house.

Paris Print from Daniela Volpari.

Hare Preparing to Box, Original Black and White Charcoal Drawing from Rachaelizaart.

Mr. Pickles, The Guinea Pig At Black Walnut Manor Disappeared For Eleven Days, Surviving On French Nougat from janethillstudio.

Mary Poppins Guinea Pig - "Mary Popcorns" from whenguineapigsfly.

I'm Sorry Kitty Cat Girl Art from Pinkytoast.

Orange Cat Kitty Biscuits Vintage Style Label from toadbriar.

Black Cat Ice Cream Company original graphic art giclee archival signed artist's print from geministudio.

Photographic Print - Cat in Glasses 2 from instantt.

Black Cat Art print WINDOW WATCHER from lewfoster.

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