Wednesday, 26 December 2012

12 Days Of Etsy: Photography Dream

1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Yann, I'm 37, I am half French and half Czech by my mother. I was born in the centre of France, and I now live right next to Paris, 10 mins from the historical centre. I work as a professional photographer, in many different areas : corporate events, portraits, product packshots (wine, champagne, jewellery, fashion accessories... )

2. How did you choose your shop name?

I chose photographydream as a shop name, because I am hoping to make people travel in my own dreams and stories through photographs. 

3. What do you enjoy photographing the most?

I love all the photographs I publish (else I would not publish them ;) ) because each one of them is a moment of my life, a memory, an emotion, a dream...
My current favourites are pictures from my "Tiny trades" series : self-portraits of made-up tiny trades, in a simple and poetic world. I love this project, because it makes you think of all the little details in life, I am sure you will never look at a kiwi fruit the same way after you met the kiwi hairdresser, and when you see the moon has changed quarter again, you will know who did this ;)

4. What is the best seller in your shop?

Many different photos have been bestsellers : 
The border, the blizzard, Allo Big Ben, Eiffel tower in the mist, the rainbow umbrella, the birds .... 
Currently, it's The seed gatherer, one of the photos from the Tiny trades series, together with the strawberry seed-sticker and the leave cutter !

5. Your work sells all over the world, in which parts of the world is your work most popular?

60% of my photos leave for the United States, many are now living in Australia and Canada, and of course, many in France. It is really exciting to know your work is appreciated in so many different places !

6. What inspires you?

What I try to convey with my photography, is a reflection - sometimes a naive one - of the world I dream of: simple, happy, beautiful, colourful and peaceful. This is not really what the real world is like, but it's what I would like to share with my view.

7. How long have you been a photographer?

I have been a professional photographer for 9 years, but taking pictures since I was about 11. I used to take pictures of my friends, cats, landscapes... All the time, with an old camera I found in my parents'attic. Of course, now I can see all the faults in them, but I do feel a pinch of nostalgia looking at these memories. 
At age 29 I decided to become a professional photographer, and joined a photographer school in Paris. After two years of intensive study I received the 5th prize in my class with honours and then my career was launched. Since then, I have been working for many, many different companies, and making a lot of creative photography for myself too.

8. What are your other hobbies?

I really love going to flea markets, in Paris and elsewhere ( there are a lot of flea markets here in the spring and summer ). There, I can find really unusual items, which I can use in my tiny trades pictures. I love looking at and feeling old items, and it's even better when the seller can narrate the item's story..' 

9. Do you collect anything?

I don't have a specific collection, but if I happen upon an old caméra, or an old item related to photography for example old glass plaques from 1900, I can spend a lot of time looking at them... And often end up buying them !!

10. What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

My favourite tradition is the Christmas Eve supper, when the whole family is gathered ( with nice things to eat and drink, which is never a bad thing :o). Then opening the presents next to the chimney ! I guess I am still a child at heart :o)
It's one of the rare moments of the year when the family is together, and this is really nice. 

11. Do you have a favourite Christmas song or carol?

No, I don't have a favourite Christmas carol, I'm not too much into carols, I prefer by far the talks and laughters from everyone who is gathered around the fire at present-opening times :o)

12. What is the funniest Christmas present you have ever been given?

The funniest present... or rather presents : one year, I said I liked cooking, so at Christmas, I received 3 cookbooks, cooking tools, a cheesegrater, two apple-peelers... so now , before talking about what I like to do, in the pre-holiday season, I think a lot !

Many thanks to Yann for taking part in this feature. Click here to visit his Etsy shop.

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